The under 18s competition is a Queensland state wide competition featuring 15 clubs competing for the title in a quick fire seven round competition followed by knockout semi-finals and a grand final.

2019 Mal Meninga Squad

Ben Liyou
Brendan Piakura
Byron Parnell
Caleb Hodges
Carsil Vaikai
Daniel Butturini
Ediq Ambrosyev
Isaac Perret
Izzy Higgins
Jackson North
Jaiden West
James Torrens
Jed Edwards
Josh Bevan
Josh Dearden
Jovahn Tearoiti
Juwan Compain
Kade Hill
Kuyan Roberts-Laurie
Levi Tomai
Matt Canning
Noah Gafa
Reece Walsh
Solomon Torrens
Stepharn Holo
Toby Sexton
Tom Neale
Troy Duckett
Xavier Coates
Ben Smith
Brendan Hoffman
Jordan Tauali
Nick Pleogsma
Noah Nikotemo
Tate Roberts
Terry-Jack Smart