Michael Nunn, Ipswich Jets media

Tweed are the girl on the bus you like but she is never nice to you and makes fun of red hair, and they’re coming to Ipswich again to cause pain and end the Jets’ bus ride for 2019.

Leading that misery is Tweed fullback Lindon McGrady who has a habit of inflicting pain on Ipswich. Earlier this year he kicked 10 points over for the Seagulls in their win over the Jets.

Last season he kicked the goal after full-time that won the Seagulls the game and broke hearts. I asked McGrady why he just can’t like us.

“You guys don’t make it easy for me,” McGrady laughed.

“We are not dissimilar to the Jets we have to win and if we do that we are aiming for a home final.

“The Jets are a difficult road trip and I am glad it’s an afternoon game and not a cold night.”

Tweed will come to Ipswich on Sunday with the Jets needing to win four games in a row to play finals and this is act one in a four-part epic play.

The overall record between these two clubs sees the Tweed have won 21 while Ipswich have won 14.

The Jets have won eight of the last nine games against the Tweed in Ipswich. Overall, in Ipswich the Jets hold the advantage over the Tweed Seagulls 11 wins to five.

Tweed beat Ipswich 32-24 earlier this year. The last time the Jets played Tweed in Ipswich it was a day out for the Jets 52-16 in 2018.

Tweed had a win at Ipswich in 2016 when they up-ended the Jets 22-16 with Seagulls fullback Alex Grant scoring three tries before half-time.

Tweed are coming off a loss to the Cutters while the Jets are still thinking about what could have been against the Devils.

Tweed are ahead of the Jets in seventh place on 20 points while the Jets are in ninth on 16 points. The last time the Jets played Tweed, Jayden Connors scored under the posts the Jets will need some of that enterprise again this week.

Connors has scored four tries this year to take his career tally in the ISC to 14 from 45 games for the Jets. I spoke to Connors about how you approach this season on the line game.

“Last weekend was good for us to rest up and recover from a few little injuries.” Connors reflected.

“But we just have to come together and treat every game like our last because obviously our season is on the line.

“Personally I’m not nervous and don’t think any of the boys are either. We are a pretty relaxed team. We just have to regroup at training each week.

“If anything we are excited about the last four games to get the wins and make the finals.”