The 18-0 scoreline defied the courageous effort of Tweed’s Gold Coast Airport women’s team in Saturday’s match against Souths Logan Magpies in the South East Queensland division one clash at Piggabeen Sports Complex.

There was no score in the first 65 minutes of the match while the Seagulls defence bravely held strong against a much bigger Magpies side.

It wasn’t until injuries took their toll and the Gulls were down to just 12 players that Souths Logan were able to cross Tweed’s line, going over for three converted tries late in the game.

The determined Seagulls deserved better than to go down in that fashion and the bad news is they suffered three serious injuries, on top of already having prop CJ Sims sidelined with a fractured jaw from the previous match, and Shelley Fox also missing.

Jessica Vannucci has a dislocated patella, Britney Faulkner a broken collarbone and Chantelle Schofield will have scans on Monday to determine to extent of a knee injury.

Added to those major injuries, Teeghan Hartigan did not return to the field after copping a head knock.

“The girls were amazingly courageous against a bigger team with a lot of experience,” said coach Kelvin Wright.

“It was a tough game and we played the last quarter with 12 players.

“I’m very proud of them.”

The big aggressive Souths Logan team have lost only two of their seven games and for our girls to compete so well against them, after a narrow loss to second-placed Brothers Ipswich, shows how much they have progressed. However, injuries are unfortunately taking their toll.